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Manchester, United Kingdom
January 01 2013 - Capricorn

Blossoms are an English indie pop band from Stockport, Greater Manchester, England. Formed in 2013, the band consists of Tom Ogden, Charlie Salt, Josh [...]


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  • Myles tells us about the time he 'pulled' dog poo
  • Rick Astley & Blossoms Perform The Songs Of The Smiths
  • Josh sang a death metal song in front of the whole school!
  • A cockroach's milk is more nutritious than cows' milk
  • Myles reads out his tour diary from 2014
  • Tom shares a story from Blossoms first European tour
  • Blossoms reveal which super powers they would posses
  • Myles describes 'The Incredible Look'
  • Myles tells us how he remembers his neighbours' names
  • The time when Myles bought a back brace from Amazon

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2020 03 Dec

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