DJ Seinfeld

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Parklife Festival 2020

Heaton Park
Middleton Rd
2020 13 Jun

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Field Day 2019

Field Day 2019

Meridian Water
N18 3BW
2019 07 Jun

Also known as Rimbaudian, DJ Seinfeld is the most well-known moniker of Swedish-born, Barcelona-based house producer Armand Jakobsson. His tracks under both monikers tend to feature thumping house beats, sunny synth pads, reflective piano melodies, and heart-tugging vocal samples, all smothered in a thick layer of tape hiss. Some of his tracks feature rough, choppy breakbeats; he also produces jungle under the name Birds of Sweden. After his initial EPs received positive feedback, he made his full-length debut with 2017's Time Spent Away from U, followed by an entry of the DJ-Kicks mix series in 2018.

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