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Marc E. Bassy

Marc E. Bassy

San Francisco, United States
April 09 1987 - Aries

Marc Griffin, known professionally as Marc E. Bassy, is an American singer and songwriter from San Francisco. He is the former vocalist of the Los Ang [...]


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  • Songs that will never see the light of day #BassySnippets
  • A little something I did with Galvanic & Smeyeul.
  • Having Fun coming soon on all streaming platforms ⚠️
  • #BassyHouseMusic #BassySnippets
  • Coming soon #BassySnippets
  • #BassyHouseMusic #BassySnippets
  • #BassyHouseMusic #BassySnippets
  • Having Fun will be available streaming very soon! #BassySnippets
  • Pete Jonas #BassySnippets
  • Yesterday at Quinnipiac University #BassySnippets
  • Marc E. Bassy: "Just My Luck"

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