Why Gigs are getting more popularity in millennials
Posted on: December 14, 2017 by Lyve

Why Gigs are getting more popularity in millennials

Gigs have been becoming more and more popular among the youth generation of 21st century. The question that arises in the mind that why youth have been taking too much interest in live shows, gigs and festivals.

After taking a survey Lyve came to this result that the number of millennials have increased because music touches every soul without any doubt and that’s the first reason which attracts young generation.

Musicians work day/night to make a batter tune and rhythm which can attracts millions of people in just 3-4 minutes. It takes handwork and creativity to create a good music with proper lyrics. Concerts are the main reason which attracts young generation because when they like any music or musician, so they want to hear it in different tune or different style too, that’s why they prefer to go the concert to listen Live music and hear what they want to.

Concerts are sometimes Rock, Pop, Hip-pop it all depends on culture or country or society, if people prefer hip pop so its not much dancing but just step by step rhythms and perfect music on the background but when it comes to POP so without any doubt we can’t move on before saying the name of the King of POP Michael Jackson who didn’t only sing on stage but also performed and performed it so well which took millions of people to join him in his concert and see him live doing it. Concerts are the great activity for generations because they are not only promoting music but Live music which shows how big the artist is.

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